Guthrie Road

This project was constructed in 3 phases by 2 jurisdictions.  The entire length of new construction is approximately 4,250 ft. which does not include the addition of 2 turn lanes at Lake Saint Louis Blvd. and West Terra and the abandonment of portions of existing Guthrie and Mexico Roads.


Phase 1 consisted of the construction of the bridge over the railroad and the bridge approaches.  For Phase I Bax performed topographic survey, roadway design and right of way plan preparation as a sub consultant.  This portion of the project was approximately 1,950 ft. in length.  The roadway is primarily 4 lanes in this area with additional turn lanes at intersections.  The new roadway includes curb and gutter and the project was bid with a contractor option of concrete or asphalt pavement.  The storm drainage system was designed to accommodate construction of this project in multiple phases and was coordinated with anticipated improvements to an adjacent subdivision designed by others.


Phase 2 consisted of roadway design for 1,800 ft. of new 2 lane roadway with pedestrian path adjacent to the new alignment.  Also included was the removal of portions of existing Mexico Road and realignment to tie into new Guthrie Road, removal of a portion of existing Guthrie Road and the abandonment of an at-grade railroad crossing.


There were no feasible detours in the area and Guthrie Road and Mexico Roads are major access roads to Interstate 70 from the North.  A staging plan was developed to maintain traffic along these critical roadways while construction and connection to the existing adjacent roads was underway.


Phase 3,  Bax Engineering performed topographic survey, roadway and right of way plan preparation for this project.  This phase was an extension of the work done for Phase 1 and 2 of the project and includes replacement of a culvert over a creek.