HDS Deliverables

Enhanced 2D Maps & Plats

  • 2D Maps
  • 2D Maps with Scan Images
  • Elevation View
  • Side View
  • Slice through Point Clouds with annotation and measurement


3D Computer Models

  • 3D Computer Point Cloud
  • Wireframe Models
  • Surface Model-TIN Surface Modeling commonly used for exporting into XML files to be used in Civil 3D, for volume calculations
  • BIM-Building Information Model, most commonly used for intelligent model


Fly-Through Videos

  • WVM, AVI, mpeg formats
  • Videos based on point clouds, model or a combination of both


Varied Deliverables

Throughout a projects life deliverables can be tailored to best meet our clients needs and demands. Many formats of deliverables are available, please contact us for more information on how we can be customized our data to fit your needs.