Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlay is the newest way to save money on your next asphalt project.  Concrete is the best choice for the following reasons:

    •  Properly designed concrete overlay is low maintenance, reduces loss of business for maintenance
    • Expected life cycle of at least 20 years, while some last 30+ years
    • Concrete is brighter, more reflective surface is cooler and requires fewer lights and reduces energy consumption
    • Concrete parking lots are brighter at night creating a safer environment.
    • Supports recycling through using by-products from manufacturing & power plants
    • Reduces landfill needs, manufactured locally
    • Buildings adjacent to concrete parking lots can benefit from lower cooling costs by reduced “Heat Island” effect
    • Minimizes transportation cost and energy consumption
    • Cooler waste water run off which benefits lakes and streams
    • Increases curb appeal,
       increasing revenue and rental values
Woodsoon Terrace After 2